Playground Drama

Well, its about week two at school and there is already some great foreshadowing of things to come. 
At the kindergarten ice-cream social you had so many friends to play with that you didn’t know what to do.
First you were both playing so nicely with Isabelle.  Then Alysa came and wanted to play with Paige – so Sam started crying because Paige wanted to play with Alysa.  I reminded Sam that Isabelle was still there and wanted to play.  All was well, then Dominique came – and all bet’s were off.  I’m not sure what happened to Alysa, but Isabelle was off crying to her Dad because Paige and Sam weren’t listening to her.

As the story goes,  they were playing Bat girl with Dominique and wanted Isabelle to play a boy – but she wasn’t having any of that! 

It all ended nicely with hugs all around…but if this is what the 2 hour ice-cream social brings…holy mackeral…I can’t imagine what’s going to happen at 13!!!

Lets Take a Rocket to the Moon

On Saturday we all went for a hike to the top of the ‘mountain’ by our house. At the top we took a nice little break and sat down to view the bay, San Francisco, and Coyote Point (which Sam immediately pointed out!). As we were hanging out, Paige said:
“When are we going to build a rocket”
So I said, “hmmm, I’m not sure I really know how to build a rocket, it’s pretty complicated and I wouldn’t want us to get hurt”
So Paige said:
“OK, let’s rent one instead”!

Way to find the creative solution!!!!

Thinking Big!

Yesterday (Sunday) we were driving to the Farmers Market and you were both a little snippy with each other and generally grumpy. So I said: “Girls, what would be something that would make you really happy”?
Sam: “I’d like to go to Disneyland”
Paige: “I’d like a pool in our back yard”.

Nice to know that you both think big!!!

What Was Sam Thinking…

"ahhhh...another exhausting day as a Princess"

What Was PaigeThinking…

"Why don't people take me it the tiara?"



An interesting country drive

The other day I came into the family room and observed the following:
Paige and Sam were sitting on the floor with pillows in their hands – here is the visual:

Mommy:  “What are you doing”
Paige:  “We’re going for a country drive”
Mommy:  “Where are you going”
Paige:  “Egypt”
Mommy:  “That sounds nice”

A few minutes later I started to leave the room and heard Paige yell:  “Oh no Sam…HOT LAVA!”

Now that is an awesome imagination.  Paige and Sam have also created their own version of Rocks-Paper- Sissors called,  Hot Lava, Ledge, and Person.   Apparently Hot Lava always wins…but that’s ok!

Summer 2011

This summer was really great.  Here are some highlights:

  • In June we all drove down to San Diego – to cheer mommy on as she ran her first ever 1/2 marathon.  But first we went to Disneyland.  It was super cool.  We stayed at the California Grand Hotel and had a view of California Adventure.  Disney and California Adventure were big hits.  You loved the Dumbo ride, the Parade (me too!), Soaring over California, Splash Mountain (ok, Sam loved it, Paige…not so much), the Peter Pan ride and the Tiki Hut.  We stayed up late both nights we were there and watched the fireworks as well as the light show at California Adventure.   When we asked you what you liked the most you said….”The pool at the hotel”!   Oh well, it was a magical couple of days.
  • San Diego was super fun too.  We stayed at the Valentines and you two were in the pool about 10 hours a day.  It was a fun relaxing time – then you came and cheered me on when I ran the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  It was so nice to see you at mile 10 and hear:  Go Mommy Go!!!
  • After San Diego you went to Camp Galileo and played toilet tag, learned about ming pots and shadow puppets, and you had a great week of camp.
  • In July, Daddy went off for 10 days to ride in a crazy mountain bike race – so Jeff Johnson and Sue Maloney came to visit.  As always it was a fun treat.
  • Then we were off to visit our cousins in NJ and Gran/Grandad in PA.  What a blast.  You guys had so much fun with Lilli, Nora, and Henry in the pool, playing dress-up, having night-time slumber parties…  Then at Gran and Grandad’s we went hunting for frogs at the pond, went on hikes with Gran, sewed doll quilts and clothes, and went to Sno-Cove where you went down a lot of crazy water slides, went in the wave pool and tubing on the lazy river.   On the way back to CA our flight got cancelled and you  were total travel troopers – we had a fun night in a hotel then finally made it back home.
  • Lastly we went up to the Indian Springs Resort in Calistoga for a fun weekend with the Halsey’s and Willy’s.  It was great. 

Lots of trips, plus another week at Camp Galileo, swimming, gymnastics, biking and general summer fun.  Seemed like a pretty excellent summer to me!!!

Photo highlights!


Seeing things through different eyes

People often ask me (because you’re twins) if you are more alike or more different.   You are alike in many ways, and enjoy doing so many of the same things, and you really act a lot like best friends…but,  I think this story will illustrate just how different you are:

One day over the summer we were talking about mold.  I’m not sure why, but the topic came up.  I described what it was and Sam asked a lot of questions and then we got on to another topic.  Well, a few days later I looked in the fridge and we happened to have some pasta that had some mold growing on it (don’t ask).  So I said: “girls, come here, look there’s mold growing on this pasta”.  

You both ran over enthusiastically immediately Sam asked a million questions:

  • Why is it different colors
  • Why does it look like hair
  • Will it make me sick if I eat it
  • How long will I be sick

Paige, on the other hand, just looked and looked at it and then finally said:  “Mommy, it’s SO beautiful, it looks just like a pom-pom”!

I think this is by far one of my most favorite ever moments with you two!



Where did the summer go?

Wow, I’ve been AWOL all summer – its been so busy. I have so much to report; but I think I should start with the most important news of the day. You both started Kindergarten today.

Its pretty amazing how grown up you both looked with your new backpacks and pink sparkle sneakers. (ok, pink sparkle shoes are not really grown up – but you get the point)! Maybe its how you acted that was so amazing. We had a very uneventful morning…wakeup, snuggle, breakfast, brush teeth, change cloths, brush hair – all accomplished in about 45 minutes. Then we even took first day photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We drove to the school and met Mrs. Myers, your teacher and you both said hello (big improvement). Then out to the playground to wait for the bell to ring. I couldn’t believe that you then went in the classroom, sat down on the circle mat and boom…you were a kindergartener. No crying, no silliness, just big kids going off to school.
Ok, truth, be told…a few tears were shed…by me! I couldn’t help it, you looked so darn cute sitting in the circle with all the other kids…

Name calling

The other night after dinner we were playing a riveting game of Chutes and Ladders. You two seem to even enjoy when you land on a chute…particularly the longest one! Anyway, Paige looked at me and said, “your turn dung beatle”. Hmmm, I wasn’t really sure how to react to that, but then Sam cracked up and said, “Paaaaige, mommy doesn’t roll up her poo poo”.
Too funny!

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